This seems to be our theme in life these days and has been for a very long time. Being real, staying real, buying and eating food and using products that put us in a more real healthy category. Praying for real, exerting energy towards things that are real, genuine such as editing the amount of time we watch the media so that we can feel more mindful in our actions and not succumb to undo pressure regarding things we can really do very little about. We’ve never been too mean, prejudiced, judgmental or racist at any time in our lives (we’re not perfect, just more focused more on goodness). We have always truly done our best to be understanding of all the humans (and animals) on this beautiful yet chaotic planet.

Real. Feeling deep sorrow for the loss of a perfect young one in our midst and being grateful for a small community filled with love and compassion. We are there for you Jarzynka family, always there for you.

Real. Actually appreciating each other’s unique qualities and deep characters. Looking into another’s soul as best we can to get the reasoning behind their actions and if it doesn’t make sense even then, then we pass it on to Him. He’s got this.

Real. Staring at our stacks of papers, clutter, tired bodies after months of being cooped up and realizing that little fairies aren’t going to take care of it. Darn it.

Real. Going with the flow. Keeping the main thing the main thing. Taking the high road. Some of our favorite quotes towards living a good life still apply—and always will.

The Petersens