Harvest is finishing up, the first snow has come and nearly gone and you’re beginning to hear the typical bouts of, “it’s too early to think about Christmas!” and “whatever happened to decorating for Thanksgiving?”

Some people are already shopping and wrapping while others are thinking through the turkey roasting process and considering how large a bird they should pick out. Red or green? Brown and orange? Just what color should I be decking the halls with and should the candles smell of pumpkin or evergreen?

Ah, such a simple, sweet and silly dilemma we have on our hands touched with a gratefulness, a realization really that this preparing the home for the holidays is a grounding exercise. A slight change in our home life that reminds us that we’ll be ushering in a new year soon so our days and thoughts come with pauses of reflection, traditions, warmth, memories.

Celebrations are meant to be just that and some of us just do it with a little more zeal than others certainly. Most years I seem to be somewhere in the middle. I’ve discovered with my age that I mostly prefer to focus on the people that come through my door thoroughly decorating them with love and attention, encouraging them to eat a second plate of goodness. Warms me up just to think about it.

Then, toss in a cute school or church program complete with Christmas music and even a basketball tournament during it all and you’ve given me a whole lot to smile about.

There you have it, my little take on how I handle the high octane moments that are bound to be coming around soon with parties and the like. I actually slow myself down this time of year somewhat, breathe in the scents of each holiday and snuggle up with a cup of cocoa when a chance arises. Or, on second thought, the artificial tree could be going up next week with 900 twinkle lights adorning it at our home and my turkey might already be in the freezer (we’re the official holder of the holidays and love it). I do kind of get into it, come to think of it.

What the heck, Merry Thanksgiving! And it’s still two weeks away.

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