Kent’s truly great friend, whom he has appreciated in every way, had hours of and hours of fun with, created epic auctions with, eaten amazing meals with while on the road and simply belly laughed with from the bottom of his soul passed on recently. Larry “The Weasel” Ranslem will go down in history as being one of my husband’s best friends. It’s difficult to say goodbye to such a force, and Larry was just that.

He and his wife, Jan, owned and ran The Office Bar and Grill in Hooper, Neb., for 27 years. It was (and still is, under new ownership) a place of merriment, a gathering spot for everyone, offering a delightful atmosphere and delectable food.

Those two created this together and we enjoyed going over to The Office often during the years as Larry and Jan were the consummate host and hostess. In fact, our son Gabe had his prenuptial dinner at their fine establishment—it was delightful.

During those same 27 years, Larry was also a (workaholic, ha! He would get a kick out of that) clerk for Taylor and Martin Auctioneers and this was how Kent and I came to know him so well. Larry made few mistakes, keeping things lively which is an auctioneers dream in a coworker. This made him a legend in the business when it comes to clerking along with being an excellent ringman. The chemistry between Kent, the auctioneer and Larry, the clerk was magical. Everyone who witnessed this could feel the enchantment as it was incredible to watch. I personally loved it.

Yes, Kent had this truly great friend in Larry. The vibes of good ole’ “Lare” will go on for eternity because guys like that just never seem to leave us, gratefully.

It’s such a blessing to realize this. We’re sorry he’s not around on the daily, but we can feel his jokes, jabs and ornery eyes upon us whenever the time calls for it which is pretty often, thankfully.

The force of Larry “The Weasel” Ranslem is surely, sweetly clerking away, seating the guests, mixing the drinks while waving, winking at all of us while donning his mischievous smile.

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