Being witness to an amazing event of gift giving that just comes up seemingly out of nowhere is absolutely one of the coolest things ever. I am so grateful that this actually happened to many of us country folk at the Washington County Fair last week during the livestock auction.

Kent and Gabe Petersen Auctioneers is very honored to have been asked to be a part of the selling of the well-tended animals on the last day of the county fair. Jeff Warren along with others from the board invited the guys and it’s a very special day for certain.

So, there’s Jeff Warren as mentioned, Rob Vogt, Luke Lauritsen, Lana Valasek, Brian Laaker, Dan Magill, Josh Grabbe, Buck Hoier, Cord Sheer, Lindsey Hegemann, Gary Lambrect, Josh Grabbe on this livestock auction board and before it all began that day it was discussed with Kent, Gabe and Keith that maybe in an effort of goodwill following the re-sale of Charley Hoier’s market hog, donations in hundred dollar increments could be given and donated to the 12-year-old grandson of Terry and Betty Rasmussen. Garrett is a 4-H’er himself, who is unfortunately battling leukemia. Well, let me tell you, auction paddles were being raised at so quick a rate that Cara Neuvirth couldn’t keep up with it—happily. Keith Rahlfs was auctioning at the time and he, like all of us, was blown away by the generosity of nearly everyone that was attending the auction.

Close to $10,000 was raised that day along with more donations that keep on coming their way thanks to the giving kindness of so very many. It is truly magical to see this kind of thing and to be a small part of it. And although we don’t know them personally, can fully sense Garrett along with his parents Michael and Sarah Scholz who live in Bertrand, Neb., totally feeling the blessings of love across the miles.

Witnessing country folk doing not only what they do best but what they do effortlessly without missing a beat on a daily basis is the greatest gift of all.