The Nebraska Library Commission has recently certified Megan Tomasiewicz of the Lied Tekamah Public Library as a public librarian.

According to the NLC, the Public Librarian Certification Program is in place to: Improve library service throughout the state; motivate librarians to acquire, maintain and develop skills through basic and continuing education; and provide guidelines for public library boards to use in selecting and retaining personnel.

The NLC requires 45 hours of continuing education classes, both online and in-person, Tomasiewicz said. She considers the opportunities to travel and meet new people a benefit. Librarians are big on sharing ideas and experience with others, she said.

“I have traveled as far as Columbus and Norfolk for training opportunities,” Tomasiewicz said. “I’ve also met a lot of really great people through meetings and workshops.”

This is the first time Tomasiewicz has been certified as a public librarian. She will need to apply for recertification in three years.

The NLC wants everyone working as a librarian to have a base knowledge of how libraries operate, she said. While having earned a degree in journalism, Tomasiewicz said she didn’t have much experience with libraries.

“Many people working as librarians in small rural towns do not have a background in library science,” she said. “These classes changed that!”

This certification experience has helped her gain confidence and expertise, as far as running a library goes, she said.

“I feel I am better equipped to meet the needs of the community,” Tomasiewicz said.