Art sales to benefit Decatur Senior Center

Landscape paintings by Decatur artist Levi Chytka are currently on display at the Sears Center. The works are for sale with the proceeds benefitting the senior center.

Are you looking for a framed original painting that you can afford? If so, then you should definitely make a stop at The Sears Center in Decatur to see the latest art exhibit.

Artist Levi Chytka’s work is on display and it is all for sale. Proceeds will go to the Decatur Senior Center.

“We decided on the silent auction style”, said exhibit coordinator Judy Connealy. “That way everyone gets a chance to buy the painting they like. And that approach will raise the most money for the seniors.”

Cytka’s work will be on exhibit through the first part of December. Those who win the bidding will be able to deliver their payment to the Decatur Senior Center and pick up the paintings in time for Christmas, said Connealy.

Chytka, a senior at Iowa State University, started painting because he needed a hobby. He paints in the Bob Ross style and next summer he will study in Florida to become a certified Bob Ross instructor.

“What I love about Bob Ross and his approach to painting landscapes is that there is never a mistake,” said Chytka. “If you mess up when painting a landscape, then you just make the mistake into a happy tree. That’s a tree that was just meant to be in your landscape.”

A beautiful enhancement to many of Chytka’s paintings is the framing constructed by his dad, Ryan Chytka. He makes the frames out of wood from old barns given to him by Decatur farmers. Care is given to match the type of barn wood with the colors in the painting.

“An original painting by a local artist with a frame made from a piece of Decatur means that buyers will own something uniquely tied to our community and they will be contributing to a very important cause,” said Connealy.

The public is invited to view landscapes by Levi at the Sears Center in Decatur on Mondays through Fridays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and on Sunday mornings during the Community Coffee.

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