The big news, at the May meeting of Craig Village Board meeting, was the resignation of Steve Nesemeier.

He explained that he was going to be out of town a lot due to his job.

Board chairman Duane Hinman said that a decision on Nesemeier’s replacement would be made at the June meeting. Interested individuals should contact Hinman or the Village Office.

Jason Smith was again hired as summer help and will start immediately.

Kevin Brenneis gave a presentation on the village’s insurance package.

Another presentation was made by R. Bursh from Midwest Assistance Program. He explained the income survey needed to apply for a grant for the Water Department. Due to the small size of the village, a very high percentage of responses is needed, close to 100 percent. To maintain confidentially, Burch’s office will handle all surveys.

To reduce the cost for gym utilities, village maintenance man Bart Meyer unplugged one refrigerator and turned off the water heater in the kitchen.

There was discussion about how to move the foot bridge back into place after the flood carried it out of the park.

Village financial reports are encouraging. As per the new normal, $1,000 was credited to the Water Replacement Account bringing the balance to over $16,000. The Street Replacement Account grows by $2,000 a month and that balance is now over $24,000. The Operating Account closed the month of April at just over $85,000.