Common questions directed to Craig residents are “What is Craig going to do about their streets?” or “When is Craig going to fix their streets?”

At the July village board meeting, that issue was addressed. A short term, partial fix of some of Main Street will be made by 10 Point Construction. The company is currently parking equipment and stockpiling material in the village.

Board Chairman Duane Hinman inspected work they are doing for the county and thought it looked good.

The board approved funding for four patch areas. Three of the areas will be milled down 3 to 4 inches with replacement being installed. The fourth area will first be milled to the depth of 6 to 7 inches before patching.

Additionally, the board decided they will be applying for a Community Development Block Grant. If the village would be awarded the highly competitive CDBG grant, the goal would be to have Main Street converted to a concrete roadway.

The maximum amount that can be awarded through CDBG is $400,000 and a grant requires a 25 percent match. There are several precursors to that application. First is getting a Planning Grant for $25,000 with a 25 percent village match. The second is being sure to have matching funds available.

The Street Replacement Account has grown to over $52,000 with $2,000 a month being allocated to it. The Street Fund is standing at just under $35,000.