Burt County Farm Service Agency Executive Director Julie Hall said last week that she and her staff are excited and relieved to be back at work.

“We missed our farmers,” she said. “Some just popped their head in the door to say ‘Hi, glad you are back!” That warmed our hearts.”

The first few days after getting back to work after the government shutdown proved to be very busy. Staff returned phone calls, processed Market Facilitation Program applications, applied loan repayments, and other miscellaneous duties.

“We also thanked our NRCS neighbors for taking messages and paperwork and watering our plants,” Hall added.

The deadline to sign up for Market Facilitation Program payments was extended from Jan. 15 to Feb. 14.

Hall said Burt County has less than 30 producers have not signed Part D of the application form, CCC-910.

“We do have several producers that have not certified their corn and soybean bushels,” she added. “That deadline is not until May 1, but we encourage producers to get that information to us as soon as possible.”

Producers who have questions on any FSA program should contact the Burt County Farm Service Agency office at 402-374-1920, ext. 2.