Tekamah Herman School 2019

Folks have been saying it for a month or more. “School will start before you know it.”

The prophesy comes true this week. School at Tekamah-Herman starts for real Thursday. Aug. 15. Classes will dismiss at noon on Thursday before settling into a full day on Friday.

Crews were working last week to finish some last minute paving jobs on sidewalks outside the school. One of the old portable classrooms has been removed and the other is expected to be dismantled before school opens

The district also had plenty of work done inside. Among the jobs was creating a new kindergarten classroom where the elementary library used to be. Renovation work also has been done on locker rooms in the gym.

Teachers have been filtering in and out of the building for a week or more, getting their classrooms ready for the new year. Staff will have their first official day on Wednesday.

Thursday’s opening will be much as it has been the last few years with students assembling by class on the cement portion of the playground, followed by an Olympics-style grand march inside to begin the school year.

School gets a soft opening Wednesday night with the annual back-to-school night in the elementary wing. It runs from 4-6 p.m., giving students, and their parents, a chance to get used to their new classrooms and meet the teachers.

Also on Wednesday, high school students will receive their computers for the coming year. Freshmen start the rollout at 6 p.m. Sophomores, juniors and seniors can pick theirs up starting at 7.