1 Year Ago (2019)

Burt County Museum curator Bonnie Newell and display developer Karen Jackson cut the ribbon on the museum’s summer display, “How Burt County played a role in the development and expansion of the JC Penney Company.”

5 Years Ago (2015)

The Tombstone Tour provides a glimpse of the past as visitors were guided by Noretta Glup director of the Historic Bryant House. Volunteers portrayed the lives of a handful of the “City on the Hill’s” residents.

Tax values climb 30 percent, over $318 million. The jump pushes the county’s total valuations over 1.6 billion.

10 Years Ago (2010)

Evenly Magill, formerly of Herman, will celebrate her 100th birthday with family on June 27. She credits her long life to daily walking and having all new parts due to several surgeries.

20 Years Ago (2000)

Longtime Tri-County Saddle Club members Gordon and Gwen Crannell, Genevieve Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond “Stub” Afford were recognized during the 39th annual Hoot Gibson Memorial Rodeo last weekend. The five club members began in 1959.

Craig Café’s new owner, Joe Gibbs, had been running the Craig Co-op tank wagon for many years beginning in 1976. When asked why he would open a café when he had been a carpenter all his life, he responded he needed a change and Craig needed a place to eat and have a drink while you wait. So he is open 9-9 with lunch specials.

30 Years Ago (1990)

Two Burt County farm families will participate in AgLink, a new program that will bring 24 youngsters from Omaha to Nebraska farms and ranches this summer. Larry and Kathy Mussack of Decatur and Tyrone and Willard Grothe soon will meet their guests. AgLink( Agricultural Leaders Impacting Nebraska Kids) was conceived by Douglas County Commissioner Howard Buffet who owns and works a farm near Tekamah.

40 Years Ago (1980)

Nita Farnam Art Gallery, a studio that will offer lessons and artwork sales, is scheduled to open in downtown Tekamah next week.

50 Years Ago (1970)

A branch office of the Norfolk State Hospital Outpatient Clinic will open in Tekamah next month to offer professional counseling to the people of Burt County.

Concrete machines were at work on a $125,000 county road project near Lyons.

60 Years Ago (1960)

The Burt County School Reorganization Committee has presented to the State Reorganization Committee a comprehensive plan for redistricting in the county. State law provides that every county committee shall draw up and submit such plans. Tekamah, Oakland, Lyons are feasible High School locations.

Little britches rodeo and go kart racing were to be featured at the Burt County Fair. Age limit will be 16 for contestants.

70 Years Ago (1950)

A community play to benefit Athletic Park improvements. The play will be presented at the High School. Members of the Tekamah Women’s Club and American Legion Auxiliary are going all out in their efforts to raise a substantial sum to be contributed to the funds for the skating rink, tennis court projects for the Athletic Park.

80 Years Ago (1940)

Burt County REA will build 200 miles of new line which will bring the total to over 700 miles of line in five counties.

A 10.5-ton Caterpillar diesel road machine was delivered to Arizona Township making a 423-mile trip under its own power from the factory at Peoria, Ill.

90 Years Ago (1930)

P.H. Stewart of the College of Agriculture and County Agent Webster held two meetings last week to check up on the results of spraying weed with calcium chlorate in 1929.