Jane Walford I Tekamah City Council

We have all heard it said that there are two sides to every story. For sure the citizens of Tekamah need to keep that in mind when considering whether or not to sign the petition that is being circulated regarding the recall of Tekamah City Council member Kelly Adamson.

The allegations that have been leveled at Kelly are that she neglected her duty, abused her authority, lied to the public and the press and was disruptive in official city meetings. I would advise the citizens of Tekamah who are asked to sign the petition to ask for evidence that these allegations are true. Because without evidence you are being asked to believe one side of the story without even hearing the other side. Weighing the evidence is the most reasonable way to decide if the allegations have merit.

I can tell you that as a member of the Tekamah City Council I have not witnessed any evidence that Kelly has neglected her duties as a council person. In fact, I would say the opposite is true. Kelly works tirelessly to fulfill her duties as a city council representative for the East Ward.

In the past year as a council person, I have reached out to Kelly countless times for information and guidance as I have navigated the challenges and new experiences that I have faced as a newly elected member of the city council. Kelly has proven to be an excellent mentor and an amazing advocate for the people she represents.

As for Kelly lying to the public. I would argue that Kelly never intentionally lied to the public or the press. The “plans” that are being circulated through town are simply an idea of what could be. They are a rough drawing and in no way represent an organized and approved “plan.” The group that has been meeting to investigate if the Tiger Bowl project is viable called engineering firms to give us advice on what this project could look like moving forward. This group has done nothing more than gather information so it could be presented to the city council. That presentation was done in executive session and the fact that documents from that meeting are out in the public is suspect. Kelly is not lying when she says that there is “no plan in place,” for the development of the Tiger Bowl site. The absolute truth is that we haven’t gotten that far. Again, no evidence of lying but instead a misrepresentation of an idea and a discussion of what could be.

The idea that Kelly abused her authority as a city council person is pure balderdash. I would ask the question “In what way?” How did she abuse her authority? If you’re going to put such an accusation in writing, you had better be able to back it up with hard evidence.

Finally, the accusation that Kelly is disruptive at official city meetings is unfounded in my opinion. Are we actually going to drag a good woman’s name through the mud because she is enthusiastic and outspoken with her opinions at meetings?

It seems to me that we would encourage our city council members to participate in discussion and debate. Perhaps the only thing Kelly is “guilty” of here is not blindly going with the flow and instead exercising her duty as a council person to participate fully in the process of governing.

As a sitting member of the Tekamah City Council representing the west ward, I caution our citizenry to fully consider the facts before deciding to sign any petition. Using a recall petition as a weapon against an elected representative is a dangerous line to cross. Let’s be sure we are fully aware of the consequences of such an action.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this petition or any other matter before the city council.



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