I saw the Burt County bigfoot!


I saw the Burt County bigfoot!

I share this experience with others to encourage anyone with a similar experience to share their story also.

A few years ago, I was deer hunting in timber between Tekamah and Decatur. I was sitting in a chair blind, that is, a fold-out camping chair with a fold-over attached camo blind. I was watching a draw that extended from where I was about 125 yards to the bottom of the trees.

As shooting time was closing, I looked again down the draw.

“What’s that?”

As clear as anything could be, I saw a sasquatch, yeti, bigfoot. Well, here it would be a bigfoot. It was plain as day.

To this day I could draw what I saw. I saw the bigfoot’s shoulder, back, buttocks and pointed head as sure as I see the creek down from my house today.

Bigfoot was squatted down watching me, not moving a muscle. I did not put the scope of my rifle on him for I am opposed to pointing guns at things you don’t intend to shoot. Besides that, I could plainly see what I was seeing.

As it grew darker, I looked away, then back to bigfoot. Sure enough, he sat there and stared back at me.

As shooting time closed, it was dark. I got out of my blind and walked to the truck. I remember not feeling particularly afraid for I had a high-powered deer rifle and felt adequately protected. Besides, the creature made no aggressive moves toward me.

The next morning, before daylight, I was back in my chair blind. As the sun came up, I looked to where I saw bigfoot. What I saw was a cottonwood stump, a small cedar tree and some branches.

Bigfoot was a stump!

Though I wear glasses, I can see. And, contrary to some people’s opinion, I am not stupid or foolish. There is a wonderful psychological truth to this otherwise silly experience. Once out brain identifies something, that is what it becomes.

When I left that blind that night, I knew I had seen a bigfoot.

Wrong. My brain misidentified a tree stump.

Moral of the story—we can’t always believe what we see.

Gordy Whitcomb


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