It affects us all


I am writing with deep concerns on the continual flooding of our Missouri River. The river has been dechannelized, wing dikes have been notched and allowed to deteriorate. Bank armament has been removed in key areas allowing band erosion to occur. Silt also is being added to the river during this ongoing process.

This makes the river slower and shallower forcing it to flood laterally. This literally puts a plug in the bottom of the tub. The goal is to return the river back to its uncontrollable natural state which means that the river will continue to flood for years to come.

Approximately 640,000 acres from Yankton, S.D. to St Louis, Mo., are sought to be acquired by Fish and Wildlife and the Corps of Engineers. Most of this land will not be obtained by purchase, it will just flooded or destroyed.

The Corp of Engineers announced that they intended to do a 3-5-year study on how to handle the flows on the five upper dams. How can anyone economically survive the time period being proposed with this continual flooding? This will drive people and businesses from the river basin.

Burt County alone has approximately 20,000 acres flooded this year. This creates reduced taxes to the county and state on flooded lands meaning a state tax shortfall. The revenue from these lost acres will not be spent on main street America or on your local, state and regional education systems.

This flood has and will continue to economically affect you. The only way to change this process is though our elected officials.

Scott Olson


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