Thanks for your service


I want to publicly thank Sheriff Bob Pickell for his service to Burt County and congratulate him on his retirement.

Few people know of how hard he has worked and of the new obstacles that get put up in front of law enforcement every day. The daily increase of changes in laws, paperwork, budgets, call center and deputy staffing, vehicles, and being everyone’s ‘go to’ in times of tragedy and crisis would put most of us over the edge.

It takes a special person to do the job of sheriff, and Burt County had that special person.

Thanks Bob.

Cliff Morrow

Burt County Supervisor

District 1

Another option


Amid all the controversy about the buildings in Tekamah, I have read about possibly building a community center.

May I say we already have a beautiful community center in the Chatt Center.

It’s not just for seniors, it’s open for everyone. We have a big dining room, a nice sitting room, a conference room, a library, a pool table, an exercise room and a dance floor.

As I said, it’s open to everyone. Come check it out.

I don’t think we need to spend money on another community center.

Reta Meyer


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