Let’s try this again since I accidentally deleted the last draft. Geesh. Okay, so...

With all of this “stuff” that’s been going on there’s been ample time for some decisions to be made. Easing up on busyness, having the time to do and appreciate the detailed things in life, which is my favorite, has prompted me to put a “somewhat” retired movement into motion. Petersen’s Bar 75 has been a true focus for our family for the past 11 years and the time has come for me to take about 10 steps back and let the younger set take it on. And it feels really good.

It happened like this: about five weeks into it all with days spent doing pretty much what I wanted to do, the thought literally popped into my head that I could get used to this (I’m a slow learner). So with wheels in slow motion, because small business retiring is a whole “nuther” way of doing things, that one decision has made the shift and now we’re driving in another direction. And it feels really good.

Son, Gabe, will be at the head of PB 75. We’re so proud of all that he’s done over the years with the biz and it all combines well with his other gig of auctioneering what with the office right there in the basement next to the storage room. So exciting, so deserving.

Stacy Christiansen will be one of the arms and legs (quite the analogy, don’t you think) taking over private party days, bartending staff and bartending duties which is her forte. So exciting, so deserving.

Mary Oliver is the other arm and leg taking great care of the cooking and kitchen management which is second nature for her. So exciting, so deserving.

These three combined are the core of PB 75 and just in the past few weeks have shown me/us what a blessing they are in every single way. So much love for them.

As for my “somewhat” retired self I will be happy to do the things I love the most: prime rib reservations, hostessing that night, private party bookings (so don’t lose my number, wink), fundraiser donations/attendance, popping in for a glass of wine with our beautiful customers, support of all things PB 75. Like Gabe said in one our little meetings, “you can do most of those things from home, mom.”

Yes, I can.

And it feels really good.