Decades ago, I attended a meeting held in the basement of the Craig Methodist Church. It’s purpose was to discuss starting a local food bank. A foursome of the long, brown topped tables were pushed together and my memory says all seats were occupied.

At the appointed time, folks went around the table and introduced themselves. Then the meeting progressed to why a food bank might be needed. The main reason I remember was, “What if a someone lost their job? It takes time to get qualified for Food Stamps; what do they do until then?”

I know other scenarios were shared, but I don’t recall what they were. After the “why” was established, then the “who,” “where” and “how,” which were discussed and dissected in great detail.

As meeting was winding down, no action had been taken. Someone suggested holding another meeting. Then, a man who had been silent since the introductions spoke.

This trim man said something along the lines of this. “I have listened to all your comments and concerns about establishing a food bank and understand them. But answer one question for me.”

At this, folks came to attention and several leaned forward in their chairs. This representative from the Salvation Army then asked, “What do I do if a family calls me tomorrow?”

That was all it took. The group immediately moved forward and established the Oakland-Craig Food Bank. Now, since then, the communities have established their own. Moves and administrative changes have been make to both. But individuals and families are still being supported in times of need, decades later in the area. The greater church community is carrying out Biblical mission of feeding those in need in the whole county.

That night I also learned the power of the significant question. A question that caused the group of people to change direction. A simple, well placed question.

Jim and I moved to the village of Craig 44 years ago. A question we get asked is, “You’ve traveled all over. Why do you stay?”

It’s because we love livin’ in Craig, more every year, as it is a community where people go out of their way to help each other.

My significant question to you is, “What’s better than that?”