Craig standpipe

Testing of Craig’s water system showed it was well within required limits for manganese.

The June meeting of the Craig Village Board got off to a late start on the second Thursday of the month, due to difficulties with video conferencing. The Village Clerk, Megan Unwin, drove home and was able to activate the Zoom meeting from there.

All board members were present to hear the news about the new state testing for manganese in the drinking water. Under testing from the ‘Manganese Grant Project, Spring 2020’, the three wells that supply the village’s water tested at these ug/L levels, (micrograms per liter or more commonly known as parts per billion): 124, 424 and 343, above desired range. However, after being treated at the filter plant, the small white building on Court Street, the level was 4.98 ug/L, which is considered in the acceptable range.

Bart Meyer, the village maintenance man, speculated that this testing would become required yearly.

Manganese is an essential trace mineral, but is only needed in small amounts. In studies, high levels of manganese have been linked to lowered intellectual development in children. In adults, if manganese if consumed in high quantities, tremors, similar to those experienced with Parkinson’s disease, can develop.

Meyer also reported that three new water meters have been installed, leaving 34 needing replacement. Ten new meters will be ordered so more replacements can happen while the weather is still temperate.

On other topics, Matt Pickell, a property owner has expressed interest in utility hook-up charges if a modular home were placed on site.

Concerns about unlicensed cars in village right-of-way were discussed.

As the village has limited storage, it was decided to put the old mower up for a sealed bid, rather than keep it for a back-up.

Hiring a part-time substitute clerk was discussed. Parameters will be drawn up next month during a closed session.

Pony baseball games are scheduled to be held in the park on June 28 and July 5, 12, 15 and 19 with playoffs to be determined. All players must sign a ‘Release and Indemnity Agreement’ so the village can not be held liable if anyone gets sick from COVID-19.

At 8:35 pm., the meeting adjourned and, under present regulations, will be the last one held via video conference. The executive order from Gov. Pete Ricketts that allowed local government bodies to meet by video conference expires at the end of the month.