1 Year Ago (2019)

Tekamah’s 46 year old swimming pool is experiencing a major leak that will take either costly repairs to fix or a total replacement. The leak that is costing the city 7,000 to 10,000 gallons of water every day

5 Years Ago (2015)

The 36th annual Riverfront Days celebration in Decatur began Friday with dinner and dancing at the fire hall followed by a very entertaining talent show. The Blues Brothers made a special appearance in addition to a spontaneous performance by the cast of the Decatur Community Play.

10 Years Ago (2010)

The weather forced a county bridge on Road 29 to be closed. Due to the volume of rain, the north approach has been undermined. Many other areas have suffered washouts, but have not been closed.

Washington County Bank’s Ron Baumert presented a $5,000 check to Susan Skinner of the Tekamah Library Foundation last week.

It was the second pledged gift from the bank toward construction of a new wing on the library.

20 Years Ago (2000)

Tekamah City Council voted to purchase a generator, modem and software to provide a cable access channel to city residents.

Preparing to celebrate 35 years in business, Ronnie’s Bar owners Ron and Sheila Anderson posted an invitation to the main street fixture.

30 Years Ago (1990)

Agri-Pro Bioscience Inc., parent company of the Agri-Pro Seed plant in Tekamah, announced last week it will close down its seed conditioning and warehouse operations effective in July.

The city finished only half the job when it graded and leveled the 15th & J Street hill in 1986. Norma Rogers thinks it’s time to finish the other half as she appeared before the city council. Five years ago city officials opted to complete just the first phase of the project, delaying the work on 14th street until more funds were available.

40 Years Ago (1980)

A century-old cabin in Burt County becomes national historic landmark. The cabin is the John Henry Stock Log House and it recently was entered into the National Register of Historic Places. The structure was built by John Stork’s grandfather, John Henry in the late 1860’s.

50 Years Ago (1970)

Tekamah Lions Club members have contributed $700 towards the construction of the Nebraska Eye Hospital which is to be built in Omaha and turned over to the University of Nebraska Medical School.

Moon Money and pancakes made for strange business partners, but Saturday night stones will be open 9-11:30 p.m. for Moonlight Madness, featuring different attractions. One-hour special bargains and a band that plays good and loud. Free popcorn and Pepsi also is offered during the 2.5-hour Chamber of Commerce sponsored business attraction.

60 Years Ago (1960)

A twister struck south of Herman, damaging buildings and bowing trees down. Area people had chicken houses blown away, while roof off the farm home of Clifford Staken was blown off. Electric wires broken and telephone service knocked out.

70 Years Ago (1950)

Carl Norseen, official weather observer for Tekamah, recently received a medal and congratulatory messages from FW Reichelderfer, chief of the weather bureau, for his more than 14 years of faithful service. According to old records in possession of Mr. Norseen, Tekamah was a part of the original weather service organization for Nebraska in 1878.

80 Years Ago (1940)

Hampshire hog breeders from throughout the state numbering nearly 100, along with their families, combined business and pleasure at the annual picnic of the Nebraska Hampshire Breeders Association at the Tom Tuck farm.

90 Years Ago (1930)

Hoot Gibson, Tekamah’s well know film star, will be married this week, Friday evening, at his ranch north of Los Angles to Mrs. Sally Eilers, a popular film actress. Mr. Gibson signed his true name Edmund R. Gibson and gave his age as 36 while the prospective bride gave her age as 21. This will be the third marriage for Hoot.

100 Years Ago (1920)

Tekamah enters another week of a fuel shortage. With cold weather and no immediate relief in sight, more drastic action may be necessary to save coal for municipal use to pump water and operate the light plant.

The thermometers registered 26 degrees below zero and 15 below a week ago. The snow fall has kept wood choppers from working.