Corn Tech field day

There will be new corn seed treatments for farmers to consider in the 2018 growing season.

CAMBRIDGE, Iowa — New corn technology continues to make its way to market, despite the challenges of achieving regulatory approvals and tight profit margins.

Enlist Commercial Leader John Chase said Dow AgroSciences’ Enlist corn for use with Enlist Duo herbicide — which utilizes a new low-drift, low-volatility formulation of 2,4-D with Colex-D Technology and glyphosate — is now available for purchase.

“Farmers right now can walk in and place an order,” Chase said during a Dow AgroSciences Iowa Field Day here Aug. 10.

Enlist Duo was first registered by the EPA in 2014 and gained final import approval from China in June. The company will actively be licensing Enlist technology with trait packages such as PowerCore and SmartStax.

Syngenta announced Aug. 7 it had entered an agreement to license the Enlist E3 event in soybeans in the U.S. as well as the Enlist event in corn globally.

Chase said the Enlist Duo herbicide has shown excellent weed control.

“It’s been beyond expectations,” he said. “It is working as advertised. Our technical assumptions have held.”

Allen Henry, who farms 1,250 acres of corn, soybeans and double-crop wheat near Indianola, Iowa, had an Enlist demonstration plot on his farm. He said he appreciated the lower setbacks with Enlist Duo: a 30-foot, within-field buffer to protected areas. With many rural neighbors, “we have to be farmer-neighbor friendly,” Henry said. He said he observed no drift issues.

Given the window between pre-plant application and planting, Henry hopes the product will allow him to speed up his operation.

Waterhemp, morning glory and marestail are all problems weeds for Henry.

“With the Enlist product, we just didn’t have any problems with any of them,” he said.

Chase said applicators using Enlist Duo must diligently follow the label, but the clean out procedure doesn’t require a triple rinse.

“We need new tools and that’s what we’re trying to bring here,” Chase said.

There will also be new corn seed treatments for farmers to consider in the 2018 growing season.

At the Beck’s 2017 Iowa Field Day in Colfax Aug. 15, Beck’s President Scott Beck said they would be offering Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 on select hybrids in 2018.

This version of Bayer’s popular seed treatment utilizes a Bacillus strain for faster breakdown of plant residue.

Mycogen Seeds agronomy marketing manager Andrew Hoffman discussed the company’s new seed treatment product, REVONTEK, which utilizes six different fungicide modes of action as well as a growth stimulant, during a panel discussion at a field day in Cambridge, Iowa, about Pythium issues.

Nathan Yeager, an Iowa State University student majoring in ag business, said seedling diseases have been more of a problem on his family’s farm during wet years. The Yeagers have dealt with reduced corn populations due to dampening off as well as corn stunted by seedling disease, leading to uneven stands.

An effective seed treatment is one of the techniques they use to manage the issue, as well as monitoring planting conditions, adjusting dates, avoiding planting before cold spells and installing drainage tile, Yeager said.

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