Steve Sieg, DuPont Pioneer

PO339AMXT includes stacked traits for above- and below-ground protection, plus great seed genetics. Steve Sieg, DuPont Pioneer account manager, encourages farmers to learn more about today’s hybrids. Photo by Andrea Johnson.

Corn farmers may soon have access to DuPont Pioneer’s new Qrome technology.

Pioneer brand Qrome products are in the final stage of local field testing and could be available for a wide-area launch as soon as 2017.

“Qrome is our new proprietary molecular stack trait that we’re using to better insert traits into corn plants,” said Steve Sieg, DuPont Pioneer account manager.

New, high-yielding Qrome products will be equipped with proven insect protection technologies and strong agronomics for maximum production.

The insect protection and herbicide tolerance in Qrome products are similar to Optimum AcreMax XTreme products with a dual mode of action pyramid for above- and below-ground protection.

The products will also have a 5 percent integrated refuge single-bag solution.

“Mainly it opens up the germplasm,” said Sieg. “It doubles basically the accessibility of hybrids. We’re going to be in a position to have full lineups of this new corn trait technology.”

The seed company is in the process of obtaining Qrome approvals, Sieg said.

He expects Qrome will provide farmers with many new hybrid options.

“What this does is rather than looking at roughly 40-50 percent of our lineup – as far as what we can insert with Herculex traits – it now allows us to look at over 90 percent of our genetic package,” he said.

“This is going to allow us to insert Herculex traits with a cleaner process, to give a true representation with all the genetic lines available.”

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