Clariva Elite Beans seed treatment has received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in soybeans. Developed by Syngenta, Clariva Elite Beans combines the active ingredients of Clariva pn and CruiserMaxx Vibrance seed treatment into a premix formulation. Some state registrations may be pending.

Clariva pn is a seed-applied nematicide developed to provide season-long protection from soybean-cyst nematode. The nematicide reduces the impact from Sudden Death Syndrome and other soybean-cyst nematode-related diseases, according to Syngenta.

In addition to Clariva pn, Clariva Elite Beans contains an insecticide and three fungicides to improve root health and vigor, and protect against a wide range of early-season insects and diseases. The “rooting power” of Vibrance fungicide protects the root system against Rhizoctonia. The Cruiser Vigor Effect helps to produce vigorous plants, even in the absence of insects, according to Syngenta.

Clariva Elite Beans contains crop-specific polymers to bind active ingredients to the seed coat. That helps to provide improved seed flow, reduced dust off, and improved seed singulation at planting, according to Syngenta. Visit for more information.