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AgUpdate - Crop Watch
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Welcome to CropWatch Newsletter, from Iowa Farmer Today and Illinois Farmer Today. We’ll send this on Wednesdays through November, providing crop comments from farmers and links to more crop information.

Iowa CropWatch

Mark Recker, Northeast Iowa CropWatch Journal

Recker grows corn and soybeans near Arlington along with some seed corn. 

May 13: More rain is 'the big unknown'

I kind of told you what we were going to do last week, and that’s what we did, and didn’t do much else. I went out and planted the first field of soybeans while Dad planted corn and haven’t done much otherwise. The temperatures will be a lot better this week. The big unknown is if we will get rain Tuesday night or not. I’m hoping to do some burndown on cover crop acres with rye growing on it. If we miss the Tuesday rain, we’ll push hard planting.

Illinois CropWatch

Brock Ideus, Eastern Illinois CropWatch Journal

Ideus operates a corn and soybean farm with his father, Royce, in Flatville in Champaign County. 

May 13: Time to change maturity?

Here in Flatville, it’s been another week of patiently waiting. Between continued negative trade talks and at least an inch of rain per week, it's a difficult time in farming to remain positive. On our farm, we’ve begun discussions of possibly changing maturities for corn acres. My first year on the farm was 2009 and our first planted acres were May 21, and it looks like we’ll be pushing that this year.

CropWatch Video

2019 CropWatch - Introducing Dan and Brian Voss

East Central Iowa farmers Dan and Brian Voss introduce themselves for the 2019 CropWatch season.


Wet harvest leads to volunteer corn in 2019

With struggles during harvest in 2018, a lasting effect could come in the form of volunteer corn this growing season. Read more

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