AgUpdate - Weekly
Friday, February 22nd, 2019

The war against herbicide resistance

Herbicide resistance has become a major concern in the United States. At a series of Crop Management Roadshow workshops this winter, Nebras… Read more

Researcher dedicates career to corn

YORK, Neb. — Stan Jensen knows everything there is to know about corn. Read more

Businesses of Agriculture: Swiharts excel in sprayers since ’72

To win the battle against pests and disease in crops, a mist sprayer and farm equipment company that has sold sprayers for 35 years in nort… Read more

Runza is food favorite in the Midwest

Several years ago, I swore off fast-food burgers — except for burgers from Runza restaurants across the Midwest. Read more

Producer Progress Reports: Hunnicutt Farms

Giltner, Neb. Read more

Ice melt shortage prompts search for alternatives

You know it has been a bad winter when you have to go to two businesses before you finally find a bag of ice melt and when you do, it is th… Read more

Bailing out of a bad situation

I had a close call this last week. As ranchers, close calls are to be expected, especially since agriculture is one of the most dangerous p… Read more

Small tree improvements make a big impact

The winter is a great time to start thinking about spring gardens. One of the gardens you might think about for improvement or development … Read more