Details for Anderson Farm Retirement Auction



INSPECTION LOCATION: 13721 County Road 3, Hensel, North Dakota 58241- Driving Directions from
the Jct of Hwy 18 & County Road 3 south of Cavalier- 2 ¾ miles west on County 3 through Hensel; or
from the Jct of Hwy 32 & County Road 3 at Mountain, ND- 8 ¼ miles east on County 3
LOAD OUT INFORMATION: There will be load out assistance available at the close of the auction,
April 21; 8AM to 4PM Wed., April 22 & Thurs., April 23. All items must be removed by May 5th, 2020
AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Jeff has rented out his land and is retiring from farming. This is a very clean line
of equipment. Major machines have been kept indoors and all units have had excellent maintenance plus.
This is one of spring 2020’s Premier Auctions!!

ONLINE BIDDING: Visit for details

2008 Case IH 485 4WD, power
shift, 4 hyd w/ power beyond, WAAS
372 receiver, 500 screen & Nav II
controller, ISO connection, diff lock,
inst seat, 800/70R38 Michelin Agri
Bib duals, very good rubber, 3412
hrs, SN#77F109004
2002 Case IH STX375 Quad Trac,
leather interior, inst seat, 5 hyd w/
power beyond, 30” belts- good
rubber, diff lock, ISO connection,
6127 hrs, SN#JEE0104782
2004 Case IH 215 Magnum MFWD,
power shift, 3pt w/ quick hitch,
3 PTO’s, 5 hyd w/ power beyond,
lux cab w/ leather, front weights,
380/85R38 fronts, 380/90R54 rear
duals, 3155 hrs, SN#29R201082
2002 Case IH MX220 MFWD, power
shift, 3pt w/ quick hitch, 3 PTO’s, 5
hyd w/ power beyond, front weights,
front & rear duals, 380/85r30 fronts,
380/90R46 rear tires, inst. seat, 8967
hrs, SN#X2204C4JJA0110032
1991 Case IH 9270 4WD, 12 spd
trans, 4 hyd, return line, rear weight
pkg, Trimble EZ steer, Michelin Agri
Bib 650/42 duals, 10381 hrs, 5500
hrs on engine OH, recent repaint,
JD 2630 color touch screen used for
air seeder
Trimble FM1000 display, receiver
& Nav control, unlocked for RTK &
water management
Trimble FMX1000 display, receiver &
Nav control, unlocked for RTK
Trimble FM1000 display, receiver
& Nav control unlocked for RTK,
includes EZ Pilot drive
Trimble RTK base station & stand
2009 Case IH AFX 8120 combine,
lateral tilt feeder, rock trap, lux cab
w/ leather int, fine cut chopper,
additional concaves, 520/42 front
duals, 540/65R30 rear tires, Pro 700
display, Ag Cam, Y/M monitor, RTX
guidance, 2474 sep hrs, 3251 eng
hrs, SN#Y96207423

2002 Case IH 2388, rock trap, AFX
rotor, chopper, ext sieve adj, Y/M
monitor, bin ext, Pro 600 display, inst
seat, 30.5-32 drive tires, 14.9R24
rear tires, 3527sep hrs, 4682 eng hrs,
2011 Case IH 2162 35’ flex draper
w/ 3” cut, F/A & slow spd transport,
flagship adapter, SN#YCZNC6734
2004 Case IH 2212 12R22 corn head,
knife rolls, hyd deck plates, stalk
Stompers, single point hookups,
flagship adapter, SN#HAJ0001290
2002 Case IH 1020 30’ flex head
w/ 3” cut, F/A & Crary air reel,
Case IH 1015 pickup platform
IHC 810 24’ sunflower head,
New Jay 9” pans w/ reel,
Horst 4-axle 30’ header trailer
Single header trailer
1996 International 9200 triaxle, M-11
Cummins, 10 spd, full 3rd tag,
21’ Loadine box w/ hoist, 68” sides,
96” wide, roll tarp & rear controls,
dual alum tanks, steel disk wheels,
air ride, 11R22.5 tires, 999015 miles
2000 International 9100 day cab
semi-tractor, M-11 Cummins, 10 spd,
alum wheels, single alum tank, air
ride, eng brake, 295/75R22.5 steer
tires, 11R22.5 drive tires, 722185
miles showing
2011 Wilson Pacesetter 41’ alum
hopper bottom, 72” sides, 96” wide,
air ride,
ag hoppers, power roll tarp & alum
wheels, stainless rear panel
1982 Chev C-70 tandem twin screw,
427 eng, 5/2 trans, 20’ Loadline box,
hoist & roll tarp, Dayton wheels,
10.00R20 tires, only 49544 mi
1975 IHC 1600 single axle, V8 eng,
4/2 trans, 15’ Knapheide box, hoist &
roll tarp, plumbed for drill fill, Dayton
wheels, 8.25R20 tires, only 53990
mi showing
1967 Chev C-50 single axle, 6 cyl

eng, 4/2 trans, 14’ Knapheide box
& hoist, steel disk wheels, 8.25R20
tires, 81956 mi showing
2010 PJ 32’ gooseneck trailer, triple
axle, beaver tail, 3 flip over ramps,
5th wheel adaptor, 235/80R16 tires
2003 Chev 2500 Silverado 3/4T 4x4
4 door pickup, Duramax diesel, auto
trans, PWL, 8’ box, Upland Mfg alum
tool bed & fuel service tank (selling
separately), 204899 miles showing
2009 Demco 750 grain cart, roll tarp,
front corner unloader,1000 PTO,
30.5-32 tires, SN#40128
Conveyall 1545 15 x 45 conveyor w/
field loader & 10hp elec motor
Westfield MK 130-81 13 x 81 auger
w/ swing hopper & hyd hopper
walker, 540 PTO, SN230948
Farm King 10 x 70 auger w/ swing
hopper & elec hopper walker, 540
Farm King 8 x 41 auger w/ elec motor
Westfield 6 x 41 auger w/ 7.5hp
elec motor
Westfield tailgate drill fill, brush
Super B AS600 single phase auto
batch dryer, 14783 hrs
GT Tox-O-Wik 570 PTO grain dryer,
540 PTO
2) Lorrich 2000BU hopper bins w/
take out augers & fans
2009 JD 1910/730 44’ disk opener
air seeder, 730 seeding tool, single
run blockage monitor, 2 bar harrows,
7” spacing, 8” sweeps, castering
wing gauge wheels, 3 sec fold, ISO
controlled, 1910 270BU twin comp
TBT cart, 8” fill auger, 710/70R38
tires, cart SN#01910T730684
Case IH 330 True Tandem 33’ Turbo
Till vertical tillage tool w/ 3 section
fold, wing gauge wheels & rolling
baskets, cushion gang, 8” spacing,
18” wave coulters & leveling hitch,
Case IH TM200 48’ field cultivator, 5
section fold, 4 bar harrows, wing

gauge wheels & crumbler hitch,
single point depth control, 7”
sweeps, 6” spacing, leveling hitch,
Case IH PTX600 41’ flex frame chisel
plow, 3 section fold, heavy
tine 3 bar harrow, walking tandems
around, castering front gauge
wheels, 12” spacing, single point
depth control & self leveling hitch,
Case IH PTX300 40’ chisel plow, 3
section fold, heavy tine 3 bar harrow,
walking tandems around, NH3 cold
flow w/ 2 controls & wing gauge
wheels, rear hitch, SN#CBJ0015084
Sunflower 1435 35’ cushion gang
disk, 3 section fold, 3 bar heavy tine
harrow, single pt depth control, wing
gauge wheels, 9” spacing, blades
measure 22”, leveling tongue,
Case IH 50’ trailing folding crumbler,
5 sec fold, SN#JFH0027255
Case IH 4300 53’ field cultivator, 5
section fold, harrow, walking tandems
around & wing gauge wheels, 7”
sweeps, 6” spacing, leveling hitch,
Flexicoil 82’ 5 bar light duty harrow
w/ auto fold
Taylor Way 26’ cushion gang disk w/
3 section fold
JD C21 24’ 3pt cultivator w/ 2 bar
harrow, 3 sec fold, wing gauge
IHC 5 bottom semi mount plow
Monosem NG Plus 3 24R22 wing
fold vacuum planter, hyd drive, liquid
kit w/ fert tanks & hyd pump, Dawn
row cleaners, MPM 2 monitor, sugar
beet, corn, sunflower & dry bean
plates, SN#A737
Elmer’s 24R22 flat fold single shank
cultivator w/ large rolling shields,
lift assist
& row guides, SN#001660
Harriston 5200 12R22 bean
windrower w/ draper platform &

JEFF ANDERSON, OWNER- Hensel, North Dakota
For More Information, contact Jeff at 701-265-2966


Dennis Biliske, Auctioneer

center delivery, can be changed to
end delivery
2009 Hardi CM4400 PT suspended
boom sprayer, 132’ booms, 1200-gal
3-way nozzle bodies, 6 section
boom control, computer controlled,
tank suspension, steering axle, new
pump & PTO 2019, HC5500 control,
Speed King 240BU tender w/ gas
engine drive & swivel unloader belt,
roll tarp, 180-degree swing, electric
1000-gal poly liquid fert tank & pump
24R22 NH3 side dresser w/ 3 section
fold & gauge wheels
2) 1600-gal poly tanks, 2” pump &
hose , chemical platform
2) 1600-gal poly tanks, 2” pump &
chem set up for truck tailgate
3000-gal poly tank w/ pump & hose
2) Poly tanks & mix cone
Toreq 11.500 11 1/2yd push off
scraper, 16.5L16.1 front tires,
18.4R26 rear tires, SN#11-3175
BushHog 12515 15’ double wing
rotary batwing mower w/ 1000 RPM
PTO & chain kit, aircraft tires,
Meridian 4000 gal upright double
wall fuel tank w/ Fill Rite pump &
2) Meridian 1000-gal double wall fuel
tanks w/Fill Rite pumps & meters
2) 2000 gal fuel tanks w/ 110V
Canola roller
JD 115 3pt hyd angle blade
Woods 320 15’ Batwing rotary
Woods 6’ 3pt rotary mower
Yard drag
Running gear
Tandem water trailer w/ galvanized
Pickup service tank w/ 12V pump

TERMS: Cash, cashier’s check, wire transfer,
approved check in US funds. All sales final.
Statements made auction day take precedence
over all advertising. Document fee on vehicle titles
will apply & vehicle titles will be mailed to buyers.

Canadian buyers are always welcome. Please furnish a letter of credit for registration. Some purchases require payment
by wire. Most units move easily across the border, feel free to ask in advance for document assistance if necessary.

AUCTIONEERS & CLERK: Resource Auctions, Dennis Biliske- Auctioneer, 2702
17th Ave S, Grand Forks, ND 58201, ph 701-757-4015, fax 701-757-4016,
email-, website-


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