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Understanding Stress Emergence in Corn

Agronomic insights and innovations
for forward-thinking farming.

S u c c e s s f u l c o r n e m e rg e n c e i s a

susceptible to stress injury. Successful



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combination of three key factors –

corn emergence combines three key

ratings. As stress level

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environment, genetics and seed quality.

factors: environment, genetics and

increased, both the low

Pioneer ® agronomy at

Hybrid genetics provide the basis for

seed quality. While we can’t control the

stress emergence and

tolerance to cold stress. High seed quality

environment, genetics and seed quality

high stress emergence

helps ensure that the seed will perform up

are largely within our control.

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hybrids experienced

updates for your geography from Pioneer

to its genetic ability. Pioneer® brand corn

But even with elite genetics, some hybrids


products are selected to provide the best

tolerate cold stress better than others. For

However, the hybrids

genetics for consistent performance of

that reason, Pioneer® brand corn is rated

with a stress emergence

across a wide range of environments,

for stress emergence to help you manage

score of 5-6 were able


and seed production practices are

early-season risk. Choosing hybrids

To generate stress emergence ratings, hybrids are tested

to m a i n ta i n h i g h e r

optimized for maximum quality.

with higher stress emergence scores

over multiple years and environments beginning several

stands as compared to

T h e f i r s t i m b i b i t i o n o f w a te r i s a

can help reduce genetic vulnerability to

years before commercialization. The goal is to generate

those with a low stress

time when corn seed is par ticularly

stand loss due to cold soil temperatures.

data from many different types of early-season stress

emergence score.


Field Agronomist
Fargo, ND

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