Agri-Plastics Ultra Flex-Pen

Agri-Plastics has been making calf hutches since 1995. They have recently developed the next generation of indoor transition pens – The Ultra FlexPen. A new compression molding process keeps the panels lightweight. Smooth surfaces and curved edges make it easy to clean. Ventilation is also very important, so a large rear rotary vent helps control airflow.

The new Ultra Flex-Pen features include ltra lightweight for easy setup and cleaning without jeopardizing durability; self-aligning panels use EZ-Glide connection tabs and hinges for easy and quick setup; ultra bio-secure; ultra rear rotary venting has no steel wire to rust, fully adjustable air flow control, and no separate parts to lose or store; optional integrated sliding side panel vents for additional air control from side to side; individual penning used to maximize pens per room size; individual pens interlock together for a clean line of calf spaces; center panels can be removed to create a group penning option; ultra pen access with a bi-swing front door for maximum flexibility; large egronomically-designed door handle; ultra tough, non-metal door frame made with a structural compression molding process, and Ultra Flex-Pen panels available in a 5’, 6’, and 7’ lengths to fit any size barn operation and allows for optimum calf space

For more information visit the website; or phone 1-888-231-3575 or 1-308-254-1137; or e-mail