Amity 2720 Sugarbeet Harvester

Amity 2720 Sugarbeet Harvester

Amity Technology introduces the new, 2720 Sugarbeet Harvester. This 12-row harvester utilizes a higher volume scrub tower, Dynamic Chain Management, ISOBUS Active Depth Control, newly designed maintenance access doors and an option for larger tires or even, tracks.

The redesigned scrub tower of the Amity 2720 harvester is the standout feature. The new, widened path that harvested beets follow to the top of the machine can hold up to 31 percent more beets. This can allow for increased capacity/throughput during harvest.

Dynamic Chain Management helps to lengthen the life of the scrub chains by properly managing the tension on the pendulum that helps take up slack when the harvester is not at maximum capacity.

The 2019 harvest was plagued by excessive moisture, making the digging of sugarbeets difficult. Amity Technology recognized this and quickly went to work developing a way to help growers. This led to a couple new transportation options for the 2720 harvesters. The 2720 will now have the option for 900/60R32 tires or a 30x67” track system to help with not only flotation during the wet times but reducing compaction and increasing stability at all times.

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