JD Zero Series MoCos

John Deere introduces its Zero Series Mower Conditioner lineup for model year 2021. Notable changes include the addition of the new John Deere C500, a 5-meter, center-pivot MoCo; the redesigned John Deere C400, a 4-meter, center-pivot MoCo; and Quick Change Knives, all backed by a cutterbar warranty. Eight models are available, ranging in cutting widths from 2.5 meters up to 5 meters.

A new naming and numbering system help customers differentiate between center-pivot and side-pull machines, cut width and series. For example, on the C500, “C” identifies it as a center-pivot MoCo, and “S” like on the S300, shows it’s a side-pull MoCo. The next two digits “50” represent approximate cut width in meters, 5.0 meters for the C500 or 3.0 meters for the S300, and the last digit “0” identifies the MoCo series.

At a cut width of 5 meters, the C500 is 10% wider than the previous model, the 956. The wider cutting width allows the C500 to harvest more acres per hour. To move crop from the cutterbar to the conditioner rolls more efficiently, the C500 utilizes the same overshot cross auger design used on John Deere 500R Rotary Windrower platforms. This system delivers improved cut quality and reduced ash content while promoting fast dry down through improved windrow formation.

Deere is offering its new Quick Change Knife system for all model year 2021 MoCos. Quick Change Knife performance upgrade kits will also be available for most older 600, 800, and 900 series models.

For more information, visit your local John Deere dealer or JohnDeere.com.