Arrowquip Q-Catch 87 Series

Arrowquip announces its newest cattle chute, the Q-Catch 87 Series. Every feature on the Q-Catch 87 is engineered with purpose and precision, including over 87 quiet points covering the entire chute and the new 3E Q-Catch Head Gate. Guided by low-stress handling techniques and cattle behavior research, Arrowquip’s engineers have crafted a cattle chute that is the perfect combination of quiet, easy, safe, and reliable.

The new Q-Catch 87 Series takes the place of the 86 as the world’s quietest manual cattle chute. With even more sound-dampening features, the Q-Catch 87 Series has over 87 quiet points on the chute including the new poly-coated slam latches and poly bushings on every hinge point.

The Q-Catch 87 Series features an upgraded chute frame with thicker 2”x6” beams on the top and 3”x3” beams on the bottom. This new heavy-duty structure ensures that the frame does not flex, especially during transport. Q-Catch cattle chutes are known to be among the easiest to use. With intuitive push-to-close, pull-to-open levers for the infinite-adjusting head gate, squeeze, and head holder, using these features require little to no effort on your part to get the job done right.

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