ASV Elite Lubricants

ASV Holdings Inc. introduces the Elite line of high-performance, heavy-duty lubricants. The new engine oil, hydraulic oil and grease products are extensively tested for use in optimizing ASV equipment and allow operators to do more work in more places.

The Elite line includes four premium products: ASV Elite 5W-40 Heavy Duty Full Synthetic Engine Oil; ASV Elite 10W-30 Heavy Duty Engine Oil; ASV Elite Zinc Free 46 Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic Oil; and ASV Elite Green Grease NLGI 2.

Not only does the Elite line meet ASV’s performance standards, it also meets or exceeds most other industry service classifications. The products help to reduce fuel consumption, improve efficiency and optimize performance in ASV machines.

The Elite line is Tier 4 Final approved. The products suit all conditions: Heat, cold and maximum load and performance. The hydraulic and engine lubricants hold up to extremely high and low ambient temperatures all year long in challenging conditions.

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