Harvest Tec H20 Sensor with bale marking option

The Harvest Tec H20 Precision Moisture Sensor is now available for all balers. The new hard wired system uses side-to-side sensing technology that reads hay moisture across the full width of the bale five times each second between dual star wheels for large and small square balers or between dual discs for round balers. It accurately measures moisture from 6-60 percent on round balers and up to 70 percent on square balers for producers making high moisture or dry hay bales.

The H20 moisture sensor uses the operator’s smart phone or tablet as the monitor. The control is mounted in the cab and is hard wire connected via the charging cable to the operator’s device, using the free H20 app from Harvest Tec.

A bale marking option is a significant feature of the system, used to identify bale moisture levels. The operator establishes a moisture threshold, and if the average moisture of the bale exceeds that level, the bale is marked with a food grade dye as it exits the baler. Throughout the process, the operator observes all bale moisture readings in real-time on the smart phone or tablet device, while still being able to make and receive phone calls.

For more information visit www.harvesttec.com; phone 1-800-635-7468.