JD Header Lineup

John Deere has updated its entire header lineup for combines to include new HDR Rigid Cutterbar Drapers, RDF HydraFlex Drapers, CR and CF Corn Heads and a BP15 Belt Pickup. Each is compatible with John Deere X Series and most S Series and T Series Combines to help achieve maximum harvesting capacity while minimizing grain loss under a wide range of crops and conditions.

John Deere HDR Rigid Cutterbar Drapers are ideal for small grains, oilseed or soybean growers. The HDR has a new hinged frame that provides terrain-following capability with twice the wing range as other flex drapers. An HDR draper will help unlock more of the combine’s harvesting capacity and capture more grain from the field, especially when harvesting down or lodged crops. HDR drapers are available in cutting widths from 35 to 50 feet.

John Deere RDF HydraFlex Drapers are built on the cutting technology of the existing John Deere 700FD while providing new features. All RDF HydraFlex Drapers feature a new Two-Speed Center Feed Section that lets operators slow down the feed drum and center feed belt by 20 percent. These drapers reduce grain loss and let operators harvest at faster speeds without sacrificing cut quality. With JD 4-inch double-cut, dual-drive shaft HydraFlex Cutterbar, the knife system provides excellent cutting performance by making 1,980 cuts per minute to enable faster harvesting speeds. The standard belt minimizes pod tossing in easy-shelling crops such as soybeans.

John Deere CR Rigid Corn Heads help farmers harvest more bushels per hour in high-yielding corn while minimizing grain loss and damage. These heads feature a 19-inch cross auger and rolled auger floor to help improve grain handling. The higher torque of the large auger ensures the corn head is not the limiting factor so farmers can realize the true bushels-per-hour potential of the combine. For harvesting leaning, down or flat crop, CR Rigid Corn Heads can be equipped with Active End Fenders that pull more stalks into the head as the combine moves through the field. Another new feature is the Stalk Deflectors that press standing corn stalks to the ground and fracture them at the base as the head passes over.

John Deere CF Folding Corn Heads include all the features of CR Rigid Corn Heads but feature a low-profile folding frame. There are 12-, 16- and 18-row CF Folding Corn Heads available for X Series Combines and 12-row heads for S Series Combines. CF Folding Corn Heads feature a fold cycle time of less than 60 seconds when the corn head is connected to Deere S700 Combines and approximately 40 seconds with Deere X9 Combines. When transporting between fields, operators will appreciate the 8-foot, 2-inch improvement in visibility.

John Deere is also offering the BP15 Belt Pickup for small grains and oilseed growers who need to harvest more acres per hour. The BP15 features improved feed rate adjustability to handle large or bulky crops with a standard two-speed auger drive sprocket that delivers a 20 percent faster feed rate that’s ideal for harvesting canola. A slower speed feed rate can be used for less bulky crops like cereals and grass seed. A factory-installed crop shield minimizes grain loss. No tools are needed to adjust the height of the large, 20-inch gauge wheels for varying windrow conditions and crop types.

Each of the new drapers, corn heads and the belt pickup come with a header control unit (HCU) that communicates seamlessly with the combine. The HCU saves head-specific factory calibration settings and collects and sends header-width information to the combine for accurate yield mapping.

For more information, visit www.JohnDeere.com.