Leon 5000 Dozer Mount/Challenger 700

New for 2020, Leon Mfg. offers a new Leon Model 5000 Dozer Blade Mount for the Challenger MT738, MT740 and MT743 in the 700 tractor series. Complete Leon Model 5000 Dozer Blade packages feature:

• Leon “High Lift” 45”++ height capability

• Leon “Quick On – Quick Off” push assembly

• Powerful 27 degree left and right hydraulic angle, positioned to avoid contact with working terrain

• Ripple formed blades for clean roll off and roll break to make pushing dirt, snow, and silage easier

• Mounting Kit complete with all required instructions for tractor safe mounting

• Full tractor service accessibility

For more information phone 1-800-667-1581; e-mail sales@leonsmfg.com; or website www.Leonsmfg.com.