Nedap CowControl with Cow Locating

Nedap CowControl with Cow Locating can help many farmers achieve cost savings by streamlining everyday tasks and reducing costs. Using an active monitoring system (AMS) tag, a cow’s location and movements can be tracked in real-time on mobile devices.

Cow Locating can help counter rising labor costs and minimize unpaid labor by reducing the amount of time that daily animal checks require. A lot of variables impact how much time dairy farmers spend on animal health checks in barns and free stalls each morning, but Cow Locating has cut time requirements in half for some producers. AMS generates lists of animals in need of health checks, and Cow Locating enables you to find those cows’ exact locations with one simple click.

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Merck Animal Health announces Armatrex – an EPA registered bacteriostatic spray-on antimicrobial solution for use on structures and physical components in a variety of livestock production, equine and companion animal biosecurity situations. When used in conjunction with cleaning and disinfecting protocols, Armatrex – a silane quaternary ammonium salt – provides a protective coating against the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold and algae.

Armatrex, as part of a pathogen control protocol, provides up to 90 days of anti­microbial protection and can be safely used in many live animal settings and on a variety of surfaces. The ready-to-use formulation does not require mixing or measuring. The electrostatic technology provides a uniform coverage of treated surfaces. It does not cause microbial adaptation, resistance or mutation.

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