RoGator AirMax Prec. R1/R2

AGCO offers a drop tube kit for the RoGator AirMax Precision R1/R2 application system to ensure accurate between-row application of in-season dry granular fertilizer and precise seeding of cover crops into standing row crops.

The tubes direct fertilizer granules below the crop canopy so nutrients don’t get caught in the crop whorls and are able to reach the ground, where they can move into the soil and be taken up by the plant. Air delivers the fertilizer to, and down, the drop tubes, distributing the granules slightly on contact with the soil for optimum distribution and more uniform crop uptake.

The AirMax Precision system has always been well-suited for broadcast seeding oats, grasses and various cover crops. Now, with the addition of drop tubes, combined with the AirMax R2 independently metered twin bins, operators can seed cover crops between the rows of growing crop and top-dress late-season urea at the same time without blending. For example, it’s possible to apply urea at 150 pounds per acre and seed a low rate of 20 pounds per acre of cover crop in the same pass.

Available to order through AGCO dealers this fall as an aftermarket kit from AGCO Parts.

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