Talbert Tag-A-Long AC Ser.

Talbert Manufacturing offers its Tag-A-Long Austin Carry-All Series (AC Series) Trailers to minimize load times and maximize productivity for everyday hauling of small- to mid-size equipment. The line of 10- to 25-ton tag-a-long trailers features durable construction and a low, 7-degree load angle.

For ultimate maneuverability, the dual axle AC-10 offers a 10-ton, 20,000-pound capacity with an overall transport length of 29 feet, 6 inches. Deck length is 24 feet – 19 feet flat with a 5-foot beavertail – with 5-foot, 5-inch self-cleaning, spring-assisted rear ramps. Loaded deck height is 32.25 inches, up to 2 inches lower than competitive models. The AC-20 offers a 20-ton, 40,000-pound capacity while maintaining the same deck dimension and loaded deck height. The AC3-25 has a 29-foot deck – 24 feet flat with a 5-foot beavertail – and a 25-ton, 50,000-pound capacity with a 32.75-inch loaded deck height.

The AC-20ART and AC3-25ART improve on the base design of the AC Series by incorporating an air ramp and/or air tilt for safe, easy loading of low-clearance equipment.

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