Titan Hi-Dration Irrigation Tire

Titan International, Inc. (Titan) announces the new Titan Hi-Dration Lug irrigation tire, a radial non-directional irrigation tire. In addition to being available from Titan and Goodyear farm tire dealers, the new Hi-Dration Lug will be available on nearly all T&L Irrigation pivot and linear irrigation systems.

The Hi-Dration Lug tire features a radial construction that allows for carrying the weight at lower air pressures, thereby increasing flotation and reducing field rutting. Its rugged 0-degree bar with supported lug center creates superior durability and longevity. Additional features include: Non-directional pattern design provides maximum traction in both forward and reverse; designed for self-cleaning to decrease rolling resistance while in the field, and available sizes include: 290/85R38 and 380/85R24.

For more information, visit www.titan-intl.com.