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AP Murdock offers high yielding/early maturing wheat variety
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AP Murdock offers high yielding/early maturing wheat variety

Wheat growers in Minnesota and the Northern Plains have a new high yielding hard red spring wheat variety from Syngenta AgriPro – AP Murdock.

Available in limited quantities for 2021, AP Murdock has been tested for several years. The new variety offers excellent yield potential, very good test weight, very good lodging resistance and good protein.

“Our goal has always been to bring top-quality varieties to market and to help growers select seed varieties best suited to their specific farming operations,” said Corey Dathe, Syngenta key account lead, Fargo, N.D. “With excellent yield potential, earlier maturity and a solid disease package, AP Murdock is a good fit for growers in the Northern Plains.”

AP Murdock is a medium early maturity wheat. Its yields are comparable to AgriPro’s SY Valda, but AP Murdock should finish much earlier than SY Valda, Dathe said.

“They can harvest a lot sooner. Given the right year, that can have major benefits,” he said. “I think it can be advantageous to have a variety that finishes sooner in the season.”

The harvestability of AP Murdock is very good. The awned kernels thresh well in the combine and clean up well in the hopper. That allowed AgriPro associates in 2020 to quickly achieve nice, clean samples with minimal cleaning.

Dathe expects AP Murdock to excel in the high fertility environment of the Red River Valley.

In AgriPro plots, AP Murdock was rated at a 4 (considered very good to good) for straw strength (1 being the best and 9 being the worst).

“Initially, we’re not going to push the seeding rate through the roof on AP Murdock – it’s more of a normal seeding rate,” he said. “Depending on your environment and conditions, we’d likely recommend a 1.2-1.5 million seeds per acre. Once we get it on some bigger acres, we’ll determine if we are really going to push that.”

Bacterial leaf streak resistance is rated at a 4.

Fusarium headblight resistance is listed as a 4-5 by AgriPro. Dathe said a treatment of Syngenta’s Miravis Ace (active ingredients Pydiflumetofen, Propiconazole) is recommended at heading to control scab.

Multiple-year tests were also conducted by the University of Minnesota that showed higher rates of FHB compared to the AgriPro tests. University of Minnesota tests showed an FHB rating of 7. North Dakota’s FHB rating for AP Murdock was 6 in 2020.

“Hopefully we’ll try to get farmers to be cognizant of that and spray a scab application if the environment warrants,” he said. “We’ll see where it ends up – that’s our small plot data.”

There is some AP Murdock seed available, but it is going fast, Dathe said.

“It’s one that you don’t want to sit around on if you want to plant something new – especially when it looks as good as it does in the trials,” he said. “I think it will be of interest and has had a lot of hype right now, which is a good thing.”

Yukiko Naruoka is the AgriPro wheat breeder. Our condolences to the AgriPro family at the passing of AgriPro Breeder Joe Smith, who retired in 2015, on Oct. 21, 2020.

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