A field of Nuseed omega-3 canola.

Nuseed, the planting seed division of Nufarm, a global agriculture business, recently announced a partnership with the food processing company ADM. This new partnership will play a pivotal role in the crushing of Nuseed’s omega-3 canola cultivar.

Nuseed specializes in developing commodity crop varieties of sunflower, sorghum, carinata and canola. Adding to their portfolio, the company has developed an omega-3 producing canola that can be used for both aquatic and human consumption. With contracted acres in Montana and North Dakota, Nuseed’s omega-3 canola has much to offer both growers and consumers.

Nuseed’s omega-3 canola has become a leading source of sustainable, land-based long-chain omega-3. The omega-3 produced from this canola is being added to fish feed and used initially on fish farms in Chile. The product has advantages for the human market, as well, because it can be used in soft gels as an omega-3 dietary supplement.

“One of the really exciting things about this for the canola industry and individual canola farmers across Montana and North Dakota is this is creating new demand for specialty canola production,” said Clint Munro, Nuseed omega-3 supply chain lead.

Nuseed has been working on developing an omega-3 canola since 2011. The variety was deregulated and approved for cultivation in 2018, and the following year Nuseed nearly doubled their contracted production acres. The company oversees every stage of production for this omega-3 canola, so growers have a guaranteed market for their product.

“I think it is quite unique for the canola industry that the same company who owns the plant genetics and provides the R&D is managing the full value chain and selling the oil to the end customer. So Nuseed having the relationship with the end customer allows direct feedback on future demand requirements,” Munro explained.

Obviously, there are several steps that happen between the planting of canola and producing the end product, so often Nuseed requires the support of other businesses to supply expertise and infrastructure. Nuseed’s most recent partnership with ADM is a key part of the omega-3 supply chain, Munro pointed out.

“ADM has experience with processing specialty canola and maintaining product integrity, which is really important,” he added.

ADM has oilseed processing plants spread out across the United States with multiple facilities in North Dakota and Minnesota. Because Nuseed takes great pride in supporting their producers throughout the entire growing process, Munro stressed, omega-3 canola producers are not required to haul their crop to the crushing facilities.

“The key point is the grower doesn’t have to take the crop anywhere. We will coordinate and pay for trucks to pick up the canola from their farm,” Munro stated.

Growers are required to store their contracted omega-3 canola on-farm after harvest until Nuseed needs it for production. Therefore, producers must have access to top quality storage facilities with good aeration systems.

Nuseed is strongly dedicated to providing a quality and consistent production density. This focus has allowed them to achieve an “Excellence through Stewardship” certification. Munro emphasized that because of this, growers and consumers can have confidence in the integrity of Nuseed’s omega-3 canola from start to finish.

Nuseed has already contracted their targeted acres for the 2020 growing season and they aim to have their 2021 contracts available by October of this year.