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The first annual North Dakota Livestock Alliance Livestock Summit will be held on Jan. 16 at the Stiklestad Learning Center near Fort Ransom, N.D. This one-day event will be a combination of panel discussions, and informational sessions during the morning and a bus tour of various livestock operations during the afternoon.

The day begins with a welcoming message and introduction of the N.D. Livestock Alliance members at 9 a.m., followed by a panel discussion at 9:30. The title of the discussion is Turning livestock development concepts into reality, and will feature three panel members – Bruce Froslee, a consultant with the Ransom County Multiplier at Englevale; Alan Qual, a dairy farmer at Qual Dairy in Lisbon and beef producer, Mark Messer, from Beaver Creed Farm at Richardton.

This panel will discuss their experiences developing new or expanding various livestock operations in North Dakota.

John Breker, a soil scientist at AGVISE Laboratories will lead a discussion at 10:30 a.m. on How manure benefits your soil and your wallet. He will highlight how manure nutrients are measured and how taking part in a manure nutrient management plan can improve soil health and financially benefit your farm.

The final morning session is another panel discussion on Financial incentives for North Dakota’s livestock industry. This will highlight the multitude of incentives available for new and existing livestock operations. Taking part in this discussion will be Kevin Sonsalla, ag and bio-energy development at the N.D. Department of Commerce; Jim Leier, ag lender from the Bank of N.D.; Jason Wirtz, livestock development at the N.D. Department of Agriculture and Kyle Froslie, VP agribusiness and capital market at AgCountry Farm Credit.

Special treat during lunch will Maartje Murphy’s Duchessa Gelato, made from milk produced at her family’s dairy farm by Carrington, N.D. In addition, Rodney Nelson, cowboy poet from Almont, N.D., will provide entertainment during the lunch break.

At 1:45 p.m. the buses will load for the livestock tour part of the day. The tour schedule includes a windshield tour of the Ransom Multiplier Swine Barn near Englevale, with the tour guided by Bruce Froslee. A walking tour of Qual Dairy south of Lisbon is also included in the activities.

The buses will be back at the Stiklestad Learning Center at 5:15 p.m. for closing comments and adjournment of the first Livestock Summit.

To register for the Livestock Summit, go to www.ndlivestock.org, and click on events and go to the NDLA Livestock Summit and click on the registration tab.