GOLDEN VALLEY, N.D. – In spite of strong winds on an otherwise sunny day, a good crowd showed up to bid on Red Angus heifers and 2-year-old bulls at the Schriefer Red Angus sale March 12 at Stockmen’s Livestock.

Some very nice registered Red Angus bulls passed through the ring, with bidders having their list of bulls they wanted to look at in hand.

“In spite of the windy day, the sale had a nice turnout and we averaged just under $5,000 on the bulls,” Marc said. “ We will be delivering bulls in the next month and will have to go as far as Nebraska.”

Jodi and the rest of the family were in the stands to watch the sale progress, along with many repeat customers who were part of the audience and busy bidding on bulls.

During the sale, Jodi moved over to help with bids on the phone, and Riley worked the floor, helping with the bulls and heifers. Marc was in the sale booth, thanking each customer as they took a bid.

The sale was fast-paced, and it was a fun sale to watch.

Meanwhile, the Schriefers are preparing for calving season.

“We have been busy getting ready for calving and brought the bred heifers home from pasture the day before our sale. To our surprise, there was a calf trailing one of the heifers. She was about two weeks early, but healthy and full of energy,” he said.

In addition, they moved the cows into their calving pasture the day after their sale, and have been getting the barns ready for the event.

The Schriefers have a protocol they follow during calving.

“Riley keeps a horse saddled during calving for checking on the heifers and cows out in the pasture, and for tagging new calves. Each calf gets weighed, vaccinated and tagged,” Marc said.

In addition, they will also do udder scores on the registered cows at calving.

As calving begins next week, the Schriefers will start nightly heifer checks.

“If the weather cooperates, we do a 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. check. But if the weather is uncooperative, then we will be out checking every two hours,” Marc said.

“The last week of March and early April are the busiest for new calves, with up to 15 coming a day.”

In addition, the Schriefers had a set of twins on March 14.

“We actually had a set of twins last night and a cow that sloughed her calf so we were busy bringing them into barns and adopting one twin onto the cow that sloughed hers,” he said. It worked out well for both cows.

The family is also thinking ahead to spring planting.

“Our spring planting is also in sight, and we have the crop rotations figured out,” Marc said. “We are waiting for prices to come around to haul more grain to the elevators.”

In addition, Marc and Jodi plan to make a trip out to Montana for a couple of bull sales before calving, but “it all depends on weather.”

Instead of panicking over covid-19 scares, life on the ranch is progressing as normally as it can during the busy spring calving season – along with getting ready to seed, and hauling bulls to their new homes.

“We haven’t bought any toilet paper lately, so hopefully we won’t run out. Although we do raise corn, so there is always that option! Ha-Ha,” Marc laughed. “And we have a freezer full of Red Angus beef, so we should be good for awhile. I pray all the farmers\ranchers stay safe this calving season.”