Tessier Herefords

Tessier Herefords holds their bull sale.

BELFIELD, N.D. – In spite of freezing weather with bitter cold wind chills, Tessier Herefords had successful bull sale March 2.

“The bull sale went really well,” said Zach Tessier, who owns Tessier Herefords with Lacey and their two kids, Hadley Jo and Hayden.

A good crowd attended the sale on Saturday to support the Tessiers third bull sale at their ranch. Pens for the registered Hereford bulls in the sale were set up right outside the garage, so commercial cattlemen and others didn’t have to walk far due to the extreme cold.

The sun came out and that helped the feeling of warmth, but the wind chills were cold.

Lacey said it was 24 below zero with the wind chill during the bull sale, but customers and others at the sale had a hot chili lunch that she prepared, which helped everyone stay warm before and during the sale.

 “People came from all over the region to support the sale,” said Lacey. There were around 70 people at the sale.

 “Scott Weishar, our auctioneer, and Chad Stoltz, our ring man, did a great job for us. We averaged $3,350 on our bulls, and we were very pleased with that,” Zach said. “Customers said they were interested in using the genetic influence for first-cross calves with a Red or Black Angus cow, for F1Baldie claves, which are in high demand and are topping the markets.”

They had a big screen put up that ran the videos of the bulls, with their registration numbers before and during the sale.

Family and friends pitched in to help the Tessiers get everything ready before their bull sale. Many brought tables and chairs to set up in the garage, where the lunch and auction were held.

Zach’s dad, Tom, moved snow all day Thursday, and helped set up panels and windbreaks for the bull pens.

Lacey’s dad, Roger, came over the week before the sale, and he and Zach spent all day insulating the garage ceiling, which made the garage nice and warm.

Roger also came over on Friday, bringing tables and chairs and helping clean and set up the garage.

“Tom moved snow out of our yard to made a nice parking lot, so people had room to park their vehicles,” Lacey said. “He also went over to St. Bernard’s church and borrowed tables and chairs for the sale.”

Zach’s mom, Donna, brought coffee, bars, and cookies for the lunch, and Lacey’s mom, Linda, helped with some of the food preparation as well. “My mom came in to the house after the sale, and did an impromptu art project with the kids. They all loved it,” Lacey added.

On Friday, Zach, his cousin Lillie, friends Tim Ponak and Joey Binstock ran the bulls through the barn, and cleaned mud and debris off, as much as possible. Then on Saturday morning, the bulls were run through again and blown out and cleaned up with a blower.

Some producers came early to take a look at the bulls.

“One family brought their daughter with them, and since it was so cold out, Zach sent her up to the house, so she came in and played with the kids, while I was getting food ready and set out,” Lacey said.

Their friends, Brian Buckman of Fryburg, and Joey Binstock of South Heart, came out Saturday morning to feed and check the cows.

During that time, they found that a cow had just had a calf, so they brought the pair into the barn, and put the calf into the warming box. The cow/calf pair are doing fine.

“The kids were excited about the calf so that night, after the sale, Brian and Joey brought the calf into the garage, so all of the kids could cuddle with it,” Lacey said. “The kids thought that was a pretty great surprise.”

“We are very fortunate and blessed to have so many of our family and friends that want to help us out. We really want to thank everyone for everything they did for our bull sale,” Lacey said, and Zach agreed.

There were some repeat buyers and some new customers this year at their bull sale.

“That is really a compliment to have repeat customers. It tells us that we are doing something right,” she added.

Meanwhile, the AI heifers are done calving at Tessier Herefords.

“They were finished by their due date. All the calves are hunkered down and are staying warm in the calf shelters we filled with lots of straw,” Zach said. “All the pairs and the rest of the cows and bulls are weathering the cold weather.”

The embryo cows are now beginning to calve, and the rest of the registered Hereford cows and commercial cows will follow.

“We will not finish calving until May 15,” Lacey said.

The cold is continuing in the southwestern region, with Belfield quite a bit colder than the Dickinson area. In the evening March 2, temperatures significantly dropped.

“Last night was 47-53 below zero with the wind chills,” said Lacey. “The snow has not had a chance to melt, so it is just accumulating.”

Fortunately, they have hardy Hereford cattle, and they all have been staying on the straw behind shelters while the cold temperatures remain.