ELGIN, N.D. – With cool temperatures and rainy weather, Clarence III and his dad, Clarence Sr. Laub have switched over to the cattle side of the farm, to get the new calves vaccinated and branded.

“We did the first group of calves last week and trailed them to our biggest pasture closest to the farm,” Clarence III said. “The rest of the calves will be hauled out to pastures farther away.”

A couple of Clarence’s friends who work for the farm came out and helped the Laubs brand and castrate the bull calves into steers.

They also needed to get a lot of fence fixed in order to let the cow/calf pairs out into the pastures.

“We’ve been out fixing fence as much as possible to get the pastures ready,” he said, adding snow during the winter wears down the fence and deer and other wildlife can break off wires.

The Laub farm has received quite a bit of rain in a week’s time.

“Last weekend, we got rain and snow and temperatures were down in the 30s, then we had a week of rain that totaled 4 inches,” Clarence said. In between, there would be days where it would be sunny with temps in the 60s, followed by days with rain all day long. On Memorial Day, the temps were cool with a slight drizzle in the morning, then the sun came out in the afternoon and temperatures warmed up.

“We were fixing fence on Memorial Day,” he said.

Meanwhile, out in the fields, the Laubs planted all the corn and got it in on time before the planting date.

“Yesterday, we went out to the corn fields and scouted, and found the corn had germinated but wasn’t out of the ground yet. With the heat forecasted for this week, the corn should take off,” Clarence said.

Spring wheat has all been planted, and is coming up nicely. The alfalfa is growing well.

“Our alfalfa is nice and tall, about 9 inches tall,” he said.

When the soil warms up from the cold and the rain, they will plant sunflowers.

“We still have time. We might not get to it this week (last week in May), but we’ll probably plant next week,” he added.

They haven’t received their hemp seed yet, but they are still a couple weeks away from planting hemp.

“Hemp won’t germinate unless the soil is warm,” Clarence added.