GOLDEN VALLEY, N.D. – At Schriefer Red Angus, production sale preparations are under way. It is always exciting to finish clipping the bulls, see them looking their best, and then take videos of all of the bulls for the website.

“We clipped and videoed today,” said Riley Schriefer, who runs Schriefer Red Angus with his parents, Marc and Jodi. It was a mild day for a December when they clipped and videoed the bulls, and the family pitched in to finish the work.

Riley is revamping the family’s website, and videos of the registered 2-year-old Red Angus bulls will be the main feature.

“Riley does a great job keeping our website on track and should have the videos posted by Jan. 10,” Marc said.

The bulls had their DNA sent in to the national Red Angus Association of America to enhance their EPDs, verify parentage and rule out any genetic abnormalities.

“We feel this is an important tool to have when buying or selling a sire,” Marc said. The Schriefers also found a day at the end of the month to Bangs vaccinate their heifer calves.

Meanwhile, Jodi was finally able to finish corn harvest at the end of December.

“Jodi was happy she finally got to run the combine again after Riley took over her job of 20 plus years of being the combine operator, while she was demoted to the grain cart,” Marc said. Jodi can now say she finished off harvest season for the year.

Earlier in the month, the Schriefers sent their feeder steers to Nebraska, and were happy with the way they turned out this year.

“The steers averaged 776 pounds, with an average birth date of April 5, 2019. We were very pleased with the gain on them,” Marc said. “We are fortunate that we will again receive our data back on the steers after they are harvested.”

The Schriefer Ranch avoided the heavy snowstorm at the end of the year that the eastern region of the state received. They have had temps in the 20s-30s during the day, with light snow and wind.

“We feel for the farmers/ranchers that are struggling with the extra burden the weather has created,” Marc said.

Calving will start the end of March for the Schriefers.

“We are able to pasture calve. We use some AI sires, but the majority of our cows are bred naturally,” Marc said. “We focus on structural soundness, performance and disposition, and we use a mix of calving ease and performance bulls.”

Jodi culls “pretty hard, and any feet, udder, or disposition issues do not stay in our herd long,” Marc said.  

On the home front during the Christmas season, Marc and Jodi travelled to Montana to visit their daughter, Cassi Hammerness, and son-in-law Bill for a couple of days.

Back at the ranch, time will zip by quickly until their bull sale.

“The focus now is bull sale preparations, marketing and hauling grain and shop projects,” Marc said.

The Schriefers will sell both registered bulls and heifers on Thursday, March 12, at Stockmen’s Livestock in Dickinson.

For more, see the Schriefer’s website at and their Facebook page at

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