Beautiful start for sunflowers. They are much taller now.

LEMMON, S.D. – Mid-summer conditions at the Hourigan farm have been mild, with no overly hot days and temperatures ranging into the high 70s. There have also been a few cooler days sprinkled in.

“It just rained yesterday, about .30 inches, after a two-week break in shots of rain,” said Lance Hourigan, who farms with his dad, Bob. “It was good to dry out a bit after a really wet 10-day stretch before that.” 

At the farm, Lance said the early-wheat “is nearing harvest.”

“The later-wheat looks good and is starting to turn, as well,” he said. “We’ll probably have an average crop, as long as we can avoid any bad storms and quality issues.”

Out in the fields, the corn looks really good, and should be tasseling shortly.

While not a major deal, Lance said there were a few spots where excessive moisture damaged or drowned out some areas of the field.

Sunflowers look good, as well, according to Lance.

“Some flowers are beginning to bloom in the area,” he said. “We have some flowers nearing bloom and later planted flowers that are a couple weeks behind.”

Meanwhile, the Hourigan soybeans look good, too, but they do have some saturated areas in them.