GOLDEN VALLEY, N.D. – Br-r-rr-rr. Winter has swept through southwestern region with bitter cold January temperatures, although the thermometer finally began creeping up on Sunday, Jan. 12.

“We have been struggling with the sub-zero temperatures and keeping water tanks from freezing,” said Marc Schriefer. There hasn’t been a lot of snow, but the wind chill has added to the cold temperatures. Fortunately, the weather is forecasted to warm up into the mid-20s to high 30s for the high in the upcoming week.

Marc and Jodi Schriefer operate the family registered and commercial Red Angus operation with their son, Riley.

One of the busiest times of year is under way at Schriefer Red Angus as the Shriefers are in the final preparations for sale day, followed by calving their herds shortly afterward, and making plans for spring work.

The family’s annual production sale is now less than two months away.

Schriefer Red Angus is offering virgin 2-year old seedstock Red Angus bulls and Red Angus commercial heifers on Thursday, March 12, at Stockmen’s Livestock east at 1 p.m.

Everyone is invited.

“We’ve been working on the catalog for our sale, and it should be up soon on the website,” he said on Jan. 17. The website is located at

All the family has been busy putting a lot of energy and time into raising mature bulls with that distinctive dark red coloring that are “ready to work” as nice herd sires.

“We sell 2-year-old bulls because our customers get a finished product, require less first season management than yearling bulls, are more likely to stay sound for following breeding seasons, and can service more cows than yearlings,” Marc said. “These bulls also lose less weight during breeding season than yearlings.”

Riley has videos of each bull in the sale up on the website, so new and returning customers can see the 2-year-olds.

“The videos let people see them move, and how they are phenotypically built,” Marc said. “We expose our bulls to horses, dogs, ATVs, side by sides, and people on foot so they can go to other ranches and fit in their handling programs.”

Disposition is important to the Schriefers, and they have found by utilizing various handling methods in a calm demeanor, they have promoted docility within their herd.

With good spring moisture last year, the 2020 bulls were turned out on April 12 on nutritious green native grasses in the Schriefers long rolling hill pastures. They were out on grass for 208 days last year, coming home on Nov. 6.

“The 2020 bulls were on nothing but grass and free choice salt/mineral, with the bulls’ Average Daily Gain (ADG) of 2.04 pounds per day,” Marc said.

The Schriefers make sure their bulls have up-to-date testing, including DNA testing to enhance their EPDs, verify parentage and rule out any genetic abnormalities.

“We have been implementing DNA testing on all the sale bulls for the last 2 years and will continue this practice in the future,” he said. The sale bulls are also ultrasound scanned and undergo genomic testing, as well as all the usual registered bull testing and measurements.

For all the EPDs, the videos and more on all the bulls and information on the heifers in the sale, go to the website and click on “For 2020 Bull and Heifer Videos and Sale Information.”

“With the website videos and the availability of the cattle before the sale, we hope we are giving bull buyers enough information to make educated choices,” Marc said. There will be people available to take phone bids on sale day. “We just ask people to make arrangements prior to sale day.”

On the home front, Riley and Cheyenne are considering a new home, and are making plans to build one.

“They are looking into building a new home because their growing family is outgrowing their mobile home,” he said. “They’re excited about the process.”

Cassi and Bill are home at the Schriefer ranch this weekend.  

Bill and Marc plan to take part in a benefit coyote hunt that Riley and a friend are sponsoring for a college roommate who has been diagnosed with leukemia.

Cheyenne’s travel business has gotten very busy this winter when folks want to travel.

“Their son, August, has been spending his mornings at Great Grandpa and Grandma’s house or helping feed cows. This allows her extra time to devout to her clientele,” Marc said.

To check out how cute August looks feeding cows with Grandpa, see the Schriefer’s Facebook page at

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