Case IH Speed-Tiller high-speed disk

Case IH is expanding its tillage lineup with the new Speed-Tiller high-speed disk: a dual-season tool designed to help producers achieve high-speed tillage. Submitted photo.

With its agreement to acquire Australian tillage manufacturer K-Line Ag, Case IH has expanded its tillage lineup in North America with the new Case IH Speed-Tiller high speed disk.

Case IH agronomists conducted field tests to evaluate the Speed-Tiller and determined that residue or terminated cover crops are evenly sized and incorporated into the soil and soil surface. It can also be used to mix and incorporate fertilizer and cover crop seed in certain scenarios.

Passing these and other agronomic tests, the Speed-Tiller high speed disk received the Case IH Agronomic Design badge that all Case IH soil management tools must earn.

Built with five-bolt heavy-duty disk bearings and 1.25-inch-thick disk arms, this tough machine can create an ideal seedbed in many types of soil conditions. The Speed-Tiller high-speed disk works for both spring and fall tillage. It’s designed to run at 9-plus miles per hour, but works just as well if operators want to work at 6-9 miles an hour.

“It’s ability to penetrate the ground is really unique,” said Chris Lursen, Case IH tillage marketing manager. He added that the disk can be quickly adjusted for optimal and speedy performance.

Lursen gave a phone interview while combining on his family farm near Shell Rock, Iowa. The Lursens had stopped combining for a few days because of snow and cold conditions in northeast Iowa. He said the Speed-Tiller high speed disk could complete tillage even in hard soil conditions – conditions he sometimes experienced on his own farm.

“It has a mode where you basically translate the weight of the tool all to the blade, so it has the ability to penetrate some of the hardest ground you can find,” he said. “When it’s less than ideal with mud, the tool has all independently-mounted blades so you don’t have as much fear of plugging.”

CNH Industrial announced its K-Line Ag acquisition agreement on Nov. 4, 2019. Founded in 1993, K-Line Ag is headquartered in Cowra, New South Wales Australia and expanded to North America in 2013.

The North American Speed-Tiller high speed disk will come from production facilities in Cowra and Grafton, N.D.

The Speed-Tiller high speed disk will arrive during the 2020 growing season. It will be displayed at several large farm shows this winter, and available through Case IH dealerships during the summer of 2020.

The Speed-Tiller 465 – a rigid-mounted model – comes in sizes from 5 feet, 7 inches up to 18 feet, and requires 70-290 tractor horsepower to operate. Weight range is 3,263-9,233 pounds.

The 475 Speed-Tiller is a towing/trailer model available in 21, 31, or 41 feet. Tractor horsepower needed to operate would start at about 240-340 horsepower for the 21-foot model; 350-500 for the 31-foot, and for the 41-foot, the disk needs 425-600 horsepower available from Case IH’s largest Steiger series tractor. Weight range is 16,535-39,573 pounds.

Four hydraulic remotes are needed to operate the disk.

Lursen appreciates the Speed-Tiller’s ability to work the entire soil profile, from surface to the blade depth. With the ability to slice and mix up to 3-6 inches of soil, the Speed-Tiller can manage crop residue, control weeds, and size root balls and clods.

In the spring, farmers may use the Speed-Tiller to complete their secondary tillage pass at shallower depths and create an ideal spring seedbed finish. Producers can select three condition attachments for field finish: Crumbler roller, spring conditioner and rubber roller.

Initially designed for sizing tough residue found with small grain production, the Speed-Tiller works very well to prepare the soil following corn or soybean harvest. The disks work both the top of the soil and the subsurface – creating a flat and smooth subsurface for excellent seed-to-soil contact, said Lursen.

“We are always watching the agronomics of the tools that we offer customers, and this tool is no different – especially looking at the seed bed and what it can do from its overall soil profile,” Lursen said. “We’ve got a rugged product. It’s productive and multipurpose, and the agronomic benefits it provides us are unique.”

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