Agronomy Week
NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer (center) is teaming up again this season with the DEKALB, Asgrow and Deltapine brands to celebrate Agronomy Week April 1-5, which encourages farmers to recognize the key role of their agronomic support team. Also pictured are DEKALB Asgrow and Deltapine District Sales Manager Ron Jernigan (left) and Phil Cartner, who farms Bowyer’s land in North Carolina. The farm will be entering the NCGA National Corn Yield Contest for the first time this year.

ST. LOUIS – Whether providing seed recommendations, monitoring crop progress or helping to evaluate harvest results, farmers depend on the expertise of their agronomic team throughout the growing season.

The DEKALB, Asgrow and Deltapine brands will celebrate Agronomy Week again this season, giving farmers the opportunity to recognize the key role played by their agronomists, seed dealers and crop consultants. Now in its third year, Agronomy Week will be held April 1-5, 2019, as an industry-wide celebration.

Recognizing the parallels between farming and racing in terms of season-long performance and the importance of a trusted support crew, NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer will again encourage farmers to participate in the program, appearing in a series of “It’s Time to Perform” social media videos.

And, for the first time, he and his agronomic support crew on Bowyer’s farm outside Charlotte, North Carolina, will enter the NCGA National Corn Yield Contest. “After two years of talking agronomy, I’m excited to throw my hat in the ring and compete in two seasons this year – racing and farming,” he said.

During Agronomy Week, farmers, regardless of the seed brand they choose to plant, can pay tribute to their agronomic team by nominating up to three individuals. Farmers who nominate their teams will be entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a daily prize, as well as the grand prize: Clint will host that winner and three guests ages 18 and older for a mid-season celebration on his farm.

“Over 1,500 farmer entries were received in the first two years of the program, and we’re very excited to celebrate Agronomy Week again in 2019,” said Pete Uitenbroek, DEKALB Asgrow and Deltapine Brand Lead. “We invite farmers to join us in saluting agronomic professionals for their expertise and dedication in promoting farmer success and a strong agricultural industry.”

Eligible farmers can view sweepstakes rules and nominate their agronomic professionals at from April 1-5 or by posting the professionals’ names on the DEKALB Asgrow Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page with #AgronomyWeek and #contest.