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Fendt Rogator 900 Series height adjustment a ‘game changer’
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Fendt Rogator 900 Series height adjustment a ‘game changer’

What started as a napkin drawing that expanded to over a dozen patents has just revolutionized the self-propelled farm sprayer industry.

The Fendt Rogator 900 Series, touted as the most significant revision since AgChem came out with their first drivable sprayer in 1972, adjusts between its standard height clearance of (56-60 inches) and high clearance (72-76 inches) in 45 seconds.

The machine chassis and spray system hydraulically raise up with the push of one button.

This feature turns one sprayer into two. The standard setting is used for pre-emerge, early growing, and post-harvest applications – as well as for driving down the road.

The high clearance puts the machine and driver above tall crops like corn from tassel to maturity – as well as sunflower and specialty crops. Once the machine chassis is in place, the booms can be adjusted to a height for optimal coverage and application success.

The new self-propelled sprayer was introduced at dealer and media meetings held near Milwaukee, Wis., in early August.

Customers can see the new Fendt Rogator at the 2021 Farm Progress show in Decatur, Ill., on Aug. 31-Sept. 2, at AGCO Lot #333.

Rogator is an exclusive product of AGCO that has research and development teams around the world.

Development of the Fendt Rogator took approximately five years and resulted in a completely new machine, said Craig Jorgensen, national accounts manager for AGCO’s Application Division based in Jackson, Minn.

The Fendt Rogator was designed and engineered in Jackson and is built there, as well.

“The Rogator 900 Series combines the farmer-focused approach to innovation, reliability and comfort of Fendt with the expertise in precision crop input application that began with AgChem’s introduction of the first self-propelled field sprayer,” Jorgensen said. “It has an amazing legacy combining Fendt and AgChem histories.”

In addition to its revolutionary height adjustment, the Rogator 900 Series can convert from dry to liquid applications.

Changing between the liquid system and a dry spinner or pneumatic system takes less than two hours: unhook two or four hydraulic connections, remove the on-board system from the chassis and replace it with the one needed for the next job, Jorgensen said. The hydraulic pumps for all systems stay on the chassis. The primary equipment needed is an overhead hoist to lift the spray system or dry fertilizer box up off the chassis and replace it with the next system.

“You’ll also need a small assortment of standard wrenches,” Jorgensen added.

AGCO created the Fendt Rogator to meet today’s advanced crop production needs. Both large farm operators and agricultural retailers (custom applicators) are expected to purchase the Fendt Rogator because of its versatility.

The Rogator comes with the exclusive LiquidLogic application system – for use applying liquid fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.

By removing the spray system and switching to the AirMax Precision R1/R2 pneumatic system, the Rogator can be used to apply dry fertilizer pre-plant, in crop for split N applications – using drop tubes to keep the product below the crop canopy – and post-harvest.

The R1/R2 can also be used for cover crop seeding in standing crops.

Switching to a dry spinner spreader, the Rogator can be used for fertilizer applications at pre-plant, early side dress, and post-harvest.

“The Fendt 900 series Rogator is truly designed to help ensure accurate product application, operator safety, and convenience, to give farmers and ag retailers the best possible control of their crop input applications,” Jorgensen said. “It is the only applicator that offers high clearance with a rear-mounted boom. The rear-mounted boom provides agronomic, efficiency and efficacy advantages and puts operator safety as a priority because there is less operator exposure to product with the boom at the rear.”

The Rogator also offers four-wheel steer, which is an optional steering system controlled through the Varioterminal. It provides a 16.5-foot turning radius that dramatically improves maneuverability in the field. Because the wheels create only two tracks, there are fewer rows crossed, less soil compaction and less soil disturbance, plus crop damage on the end rows is minimized and that means more crop to harvest.

It also features the Fendt OptiStop nozzle control system that regulates 36 sections regardless of boom width via the Fendt Section and variable rate control (VRC) or the Fendt RCM to prevent overlap and wasted product.

The Fendt OptiPulse control system is a pressure-based system for precise application that controls each nozzle’s individual pulsing valve for consistent spray patterns as field speed and conditions change.

Another feature that helps ensure accurate application is the OptiHeight boom height management system. It uses best-in-class radar sensors to maintain a constant boom height from the crop to help ensure the product is applied accurately so the farmer gets the optimum return for the investment in the input, Jorgensen said.

Getting into the Rogator is a dream, too, with a convenient first step plus a wide ladder and catwalk. The cab offers comfort for long workdays and nights, plus a state-of-the-art filtration system.

“This machine is a four-season application unit,” said Greg Pumo, Fendt director of marketing for application equipment. “It’s high or it’s low. It’s liquid. It’s dry. It’s pre-plant, mid-season applications, late-season applications, post-harvest.

“Obviously with applications, it’s about timing. For a grower to have this unit, there is no requirement to get aerial applications late in the year or hiring someone else. They own it, they have that (application) control.”

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